Monday, October 4, 2010


Yes, just a coincidence that me and my girls all have a little secret underneath our dress, SPANX! Hey! what can it hurt right?... Spanx, by Sara Blakely became popular among celebrities quite a while ago, and now many ladies call them a must have.  Made to suck you in and smooth you out, and now many styles even lift your butt! I actually got mine at target, they are actually called Assets there, but still by Sara Blakely. There are a bit cheaper at Target, but don't go up to the larger sizes that the Spanx branded ones do found in Lane Bryant & most department stores. So ladies, when you go out and need a little extra suction or lift don't be shy about rockin' the Spanx - we all do! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I love this picture I found a while back when looking for apartment decor and I plan to re-create. If I had to describe my design style it would be a mix of contemporary with old Hollywood GLAM touches. I LOVE how designer Candice Olson from HGTV's Divine Design decorates. She's like the only person that I think I would be able to completely trust in designing a my house (not that that would even happen, just saying). Anyway, some options I have found in beginning in re-creating this look are below. It would just be so convenient to have a nice vanity that all my stuff would fit into and I wouldn't have to be standing up in the bathroom for over an hour like I currently do, so this is a definite must have for me!I've been scoping these for a while now, but just thought I'd share. 

 Option 1 : I like this one and its not too expensive, so that's nice but I'd worry not all my stuff would fit in the one small drawer.
Option 2: I love this one, but of course it more expensive... but might be worth it because it has a ton of storage! It even has a lift up mirror built into the top with more storage underneath.

*Happy Decorating!*
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