Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shoes for Less

I just made a random purchase today and I justified it by saying, Hey if I went anywhere else these would be at least $60-70, plus they are denim so I can wear with a lot of things!?!... sounded good to me! ;) Anyway, I wouldn't called myself a "shoe girl" as I have I have girl friends who are and I'm definitely not even near that level.... I think because they are such an investment compared to clothing - its almost like uggh, now I have to find shoes to match with this fabulous outfit!. So lately I've begun to notice that a big handful of my shoes have been from target! - usually out of necessity for work, but these I just thought were really cute. They are a pretty high heel, but with a platform so really comfortable and they are denim, how unique! ... oh and only $29.99 :)
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