Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Simplest Thing...

Hello! It's been a long time - I know, but I've recently moved and just getting use to my new Mac Book Pro. Anyway I wanted to share a little tip with you all on how I like to display my necklaces! It's really the simplest thing and I never even thought to share it until my aunt and a good friend took extreme notice to it and wanted to use the idea. Keep in mind that my aunt is an extreme fashionista of which I could only dream of having a closet like hers, so I thought if she was so impressed by something so easy, it must be useful to others too. 
I know most of us having been hanging our necklaces on walls & in cute jewelry displays in an effort to keep them from tangling forever now, but when I ran across these cute little hooks I thought they we beyond perfect! They are like a little secret though because I found them in my local Walmart in the hardware section (where most of us may tend to steer clear of for the most part). I swear, even when I am looking for them, they can be easily missed so keeping the look of the packaging in mind in key...

Anyway, these handy little hooks are cute because they are the perfect size and are decorative - they also easily push into any wall - no tools required! They are by Bulldog Hardware called "Push Pin Hangers" (PH-232) and come with 3 in a pack for only $1.31! (I thing, but was $1.3?something) so of course I bought them all! lol... even during check out the lady in front of me mentioned how cool they were and she wanted some for herself. A warning though, I think I've seen at some walmarts but not at others, so you may need to check around at a couple... but when you find, buy in bulk! ;) Enjoy!

Thanks of reading!
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