Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review of Inglot eye makeup & Experience

While browsing in one of my local malls, Town Square here in Las Vegas I stumbled across a new store filled with bright colors and crazy lashes, Inglot! I resisted the temptation to explore that day since I was in a bit of a rush, plus even though I was certain I had heard the name before I wanted to dive into reviews more 1st. So I checked them out, reviews and their official website and felt privileged to see that we had one of only a handful of store in the US as most of their locations are overseas and where they are based, in Poland. One review I came across <Linked here>, seemed to be positive and recommended the shimmery finishes, I also noted that this video raised an issue with de-potting the shadows so I was sure to ask an Inglot Associate when I made my 1st Inglot purchase. Myself and a friend browsed the store and were both most interested in shadows. We found what we both thought to be the best deal – 5 Inglot round shadows, including the palette for $25! I thought that was GREAT! We were given a little magnetic pad that we could easily select our eye shadows and pop them on to; it was really easy! At 1st I thought, hey what if I take a shadow my friend also wants?, but I thought it was cool that they had duplicates right next to each other (2 rounds and one square) in case someone else has already picked up a shadow you may have been interested in, you can easily tell that it is missing (as compared to mac where I often wonder if I seeing all the possibly available colors or go back & forth across the store to view the duplicate shadow displays to ensure I am not missing anything).
Anyway, after swatching & comparing plenty of colors I choose 4 pearl finish colors and one AMC Shine finish color. Unlike most makeup brand Inglot’s shadows go my a number rather than a name description (which is a little weird/harder to remember for me, but some may like?) I ended up with the colors: Pearl 451, Pearl 419, Pearl 423, Pearl 409, & AMC Shine 31, as shown below from left to right. (I wasn’t really going for one solid look of colors to use all together, but more of accent colors to use with other things) It's really cool that the palette is also magnetic, and not just the shadow to palette, but also the palette cover is magnetic & just snaps into place… therefore additional palettes also snap on top of each other, with or without the individual palette covers between them (also a good marketing concept to entice consumers to buy & stack multiple palettes).  So,  during checkout I remembered by question and asked the Associate about the easiest way to de-pott the shadows. I liked her answer – she said to take one of the corners of the palette cover and gently glide it over the shadow you want to de-pot and the magnetic shadow should stick to the palette cover, picking it up. (hope that makes sense, let me know if you’d like demo).. but pretty easy!
I tried the shadows for about a week & a half. I really liked the shadows I selected, but there is a reason why I selected these… I felt like they were the most pigmented finish of the colors I wanted and yet not too bold for my taste (because they did have much brighter/vibrant colors but I tend to like more earth tones). Although I like shimmers, I stay away from shadows on the more glittery side where they have multi-colored glitter in them like a rainbow iridescent effect. So what I choose was perfect for me, I have mostly used the brown, nude color and green as well as the purple once. I really like their pigmentation and they do last my full day. Of course, I continue to use a shadow primer (Urban decay, Shadow Insurance) under the shadows, which I recommend to anyone to keep their shadow in place all day. I have already a couple people mention my eyeshow looked nice. So overall these are defiantly worth trying for yourself! They are a great product at a great price, with awesome packaging!
I realize I can be a bit long in my reviews, but this is literally everything that goes through my head when making my purchases, I guess I can be a bit over analytical when it comes to beauty/fashion products? (lol)… so for those who just want the straight up, quick review I think I will start also doing a rating chart, as below! :)
Short Overview Rating, 1 thru 5
Color Selection: 4
Quality/Color Pigmentation: 4.5 (for pearl finishes)
Lasting ability: 5
Experience: 5
Functionality: 5
 Pearl 451, Pearl 419, Pearl 423, Pearl 409, & AMC Shine 31

Mac Pro-Longwear Review

So, I saw a couple reviews on this product on youtube, thanks to a couple of my favs and also read the description on the Mac website etc., and from what I had heard it was pretty good. Previous to this, I was using Revlon Colorstay Foundation, so it's my most recently compared. But the Pro-Longerwear claims to last up to 15 hours, so I had to try it! I also decided to pick up the concealer (NC45 in the foundation & NW35in the concealer).  I have VERY oily and acne-prone skin, so I am always very cautious in trying new skin products. I found that this foundation truly does last my full day and  leaves me with far, far less shine… I always check about mid day (at least) to see if I need a touch up… and I sometimes still blot to prevent and out of sheer habit, but I rarely have to apply my translucent shine control powder. And when I do blot, there is hardly anything on my blotting sheet compared to before. So I LOVE it… it last (I can at least verify up to 10 hours) and even thereafter, even though I try not too… if I must re-apply over existing foundation, it re-touches pretty well. It leaves less shine (without being cakey) than anything else I have tried (although I’d like to put to the test during the Vegas summer months still), and lastly it does not break me out. The concealer is similar, I feel like it last on the blemishes of my skin, but could be more lasting around my eye area (it could be that I apply eye drops so often during the day that it wears it down after about 6 hours). I do like the consistency of the concealer though, very creamy and easy to blend, not cakey at all. I used Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer previously which was a bit more ashy under the eye area compared, but I am curious how layering the 2 would work… hmm? Anyway, here is how I apply the foundation/concealer to get the results that I have: I do use a couple products prior to application, currently the DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew, the Clinique Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control, and the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base Primer, then I apply with the Mac 130 brush and apply the concealer thereafter (usually just with my finger) then set with the Product Reviews SEPHORA COLLECTION "Tricks of the Trade" Mineral Matte Setting Powder … Sometimes I throw a little Mac skin finish natural in Dark over that to offset the foundation color that is just a tiny bit yellow for me, which also nicely offsets that matte-ness of my setting powder…. And I am set!

LASIK Exeperience

So, It’s been exactly one month since I got LASIK eye surgery, actually I just had another follow up appointment Tuesday. I must admit, before getting the surgery I had thought about it for about a good year and was very nervous about having a laser in my eye and the risks, but after the consultation I decided to go for it. I am SUPER HAPPY with the results!!! 
So, at the initial free consultation they did more than I expected. I thought maybe they would spend the whole time trying to convince me to get to the surgery, but they were very honest and did a whole round of measurements and test to see if I was a good candidate. I was nearsighted, seeing at -2.00, with no astigmatism or any other issues and my corneal thickness made for a good candidate.  They explained how the procedure worked and the different options. There was the newest all laser technology, and there was the old school blade lasik. I, of course opted for the all laser technology (side note: from looking at different lasik websites, I noticed that everyone seems to call their all laser technology by a different name so they can claim that they have the technology exclusively, but most still essentially all refer to an all laser lasik procedure, so don’t be fooled by the marketing) Anyway, they gave me time to ask any questions I wanted as well… and believe me, I had a list! They went over the pricing options. Having the all laser rather than the blade procedure cost more but I did not think twice after finding out that it is safer, more precise, makes for quicker healing/less dry eye etc. Besides that the pricing was just dependent on how long of a ‘warranty’ I wanted (none, 1 year, 3 year, or lifetime of free additional procedures if needed) and I think I could have opted for a lifetime plug (which helps with dry eyes) for a bit extra as well. I went with the all laser, 1 year warranty, with the 6 month plugs = $2,500. I’m sure not the cheapest, but my goal when searching was to choose within one of the top at least 5 doctors in Nevada. From there I scheduled by appointment with Lasik of Nevada, with Dr. Rothman for 2 weeks later and was told to not wear contacts during the 2 weeks, and to wear no makeup or anything with fragrance the day of the surgery.  
The day of the procedure.
I was a bit freaked out the week prior because I feel like I have higher anxiety, even on a daily basis that the average person and I had called the office and they said they didn’t give me any oral medication to take right before they procedure, while other people who have had it said I should get something?!? lol... That, and I made the mistake of watching a lasik video and not the laser, but the fact that the tool used to hold the eye open is metal freaked me out. Therefore before getting to the doctor’s office on the day of the procedure I had taken a tylenol pm… but then once there, they did end up giving me a valium and 2 tylenols (I only took 1 tylenol since I had already taken one at home, I’m not sure why they didn’t tell me that they would provide meds when I called prior?)  anyway, the valium made me very relaxed. There was a small group of 4 people including myself getting the procedure done back to back, so the doctor did a final little consultant with us as a group of just what to expect, what to do/not to do in the surgery room… It was nice to have a group, we compared stories etc a bit. I had to wear a hair cover and sterile booties, along with my handy name tag ;) (I remembered from my pharmacy days that OU stood for both eyes, as denoted on my name badge, lol)
The Procedure
The actual procedure lasted all of 10 minutes (or less), 1st they  lasered my eye while I focused on a green dot which cut my flap, when they peel it back and laser by cornea to re-shape it… not to gross anyone out but during this part I could actually smell a little burning. Then they clean any residue and place your flap back over the cornea (sorry, I am in no way using true medically terminology, just what I recall in simple terms). Then wha-la! You can see… I was immediately sat up and asked if I can see the clock in front of me… YES!
With dark shades, (my expensive) Zymaxid and predinisolone eye drop in tow I was sent home to rest/heal. The initial discomfort (I wouldn’t even call it pain) lasted for about the 1st 4 hours…. Kind of like a stinging/soap in your eye feeling that just made you want to keep your eyes closed. I slept through most of it and was fine when I woke up. I could not watch TV or use the computer for the entire rest of that day and had to sleep with protective goggles for 2 weeks after so I did not accidently rub my eyes while sleeping. Also, the worst part – no eye makeup for 1 week!?! At my 1st follow-up check up (the day after the procedure) I was already seeing 20/15 (better than 20/20). I did notice a bit of a glare at night around the lights, but was told that should gradually decrease, and it has. I used my 2 prescription eye drops for 5 days and then just OTC non-preservative moisturizing eye drops for dryness thereafter. Even though I felt completely normal  and returned to normal activity the day after, I guess the complete healing process is over a 3 month period, so they continue to monitor within this time with periodic check-ups.
But here I am 1 month later!... and I so so happy I did it!!... I love that I don’t have to deal with scratchy dry contacts anymore!! :)
Feel free to leave comments and ask any additional questions that I may have missed! (Thanks for reading!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching up... (to come)

It's been forever since I've blogged - I know, I must catch up!!... 
Exciting beauty news! - We just got a new Inglot Cosmetics in Las Vegas, where I live (only the 2nd city in the US to have one!) ... so gotta pick up something and I'll have reviews to come... Other things I am still testing out and need to review are Mac Pro Longwear Foundation and concealer, and just broke down and bought the Makeup Forever sculpting kit. So full reviews to come of each of those! 

Besides that, I've been to New York again, OH and had LASIK since I've lasted posted.... must post on LASIK for sure!! ;)

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