Thursday, September 1, 2011

How I clean my Makeup Brushes

Hello! One of my good friends asked me today to remind her how I clean my makeup brushes which reminded me that I had been meaning to post how I do so on my blog. So, here we are - this is just how I prefer to deep clean my makeup brushes. I clean them daily with a brush cleaning spray from Sephora, but about on a weekly basis I clean them in the following way. I have adapted how I clean them from some of my favorite youtube gurus like,  Michelle PhanKandee Johnson & SunkissAlba. I have super oily, acne prone skin, therefore I avoided the olive oil and dish soap as used in some of their videos and opted for an antibacterial soap and jojoba oil instead, which is suppose to be ok for acne prone skin. Below are my steps. Enjoy! :)

Step 1: grab antibacterial hand soap, jojoba oil and a white plate (so u can see the makeup color as it fades) 
Step 2: squirt some soap & 1 drop or 2 of oil on the plate; wet only the hair section of the brush (avoiding the handle) and rub the brush in a circular motion against the plate, rinse.
*Repeat this step until no color is coming of the brush and it rinses clear.  
(note - using the raised edge if your plate to rub against get out the stubborn makeup, if you have an even more textured plate - even better, to create a washboard effect)
Step 3: wipe the brushes dry with a paper towel and hang with brush side down to dry. 
I choose to do this using self-adhesive velcro sticking a little piece on each brush and I keep the other halves in the inside of my medicine cabinet so they are hidden & I never have to remove. I usually do end up removing the velcro from the brushes after they are dry if they get in the way, but you get so much velcro in the package it's to big deal to stick a new piece every time.   
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