Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Hunt...

So I keep a running to do/to get list in my iphone... and in the beauty category I am currently on the hunt for a nice, semi-professional train case and a non-shimmery matte bronzer than actually shows up on my skin. I went to Sephora and Ulta today and came up unsuccessful in my  hunt. Sephora ha a nice big train case, but a little to pro/large for me... I couldnt fill that $150 thing yet, and not ready for investment. And Ulta to my surprise only had the Caboodles ones... they come off a little cheap to me... when they open fold out trays seem flimsy. I need a recommendation on something in between!?... hmm

Oh and the bronzer thing... why are there none dark enough for my skin?... well its really hard to find at least... I have mac Format and it shows up nicely (could be a little less shimmer) but I'm a little worried it adds to my breakouts ans shininess so just wanted to try something new... I'm completely lost on this one,  unless I decide to break down and buy the MUF sculpting duo ($45), which looks nice (never really used a cheek highlight though)... and another Hmmm ;)

(btw, sorry for the dullness of this blog post I am so exhausted (its 11:30 pn and I've been up since 5am , and and just trying get some content up)

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