Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review of Inglot eye makeup & Experience

While browsing in one of my local malls, Town Square here in Las Vegas I stumbled across a new store filled with bright colors and crazy lashes, Inglot! I resisted the temptation to explore that day since I was in a bit of a rush, plus even though I was certain I had heard the name before I wanted to dive into reviews more 1st. So I checked them out, reviews and their official website and felt privileged to see that we had one of only a handful of store in the US as most of their locations are overseas and where they are based, in Poland. One review I came across <Linked here>, seemed to be positive and recommended the shimmery finishes, I also noted that this video raised an issue with de-potting the shadows so I was sure to ask an Inglot Associate when I made my 1st Inglot purchase. Myself and a friend browsed the store and were both most interested in shadows. We found what we both thought to be the best deal – 5 Inglot round shadows, including the palette for $25! I thought that was GREAT! We were given a little magnetic pad that we could easily select our eye shadows and pop them on to; it was really easy! At 1st I thought, hey what if I take a shadow my friend also wants?, but I thought it was cool that they had duplicates right next to each other (2 rounds and one square) in case someone else has already picked up a shadow you may have been interested in, you can easily tell that it is missing (as compared to mac where I often wonder if I seeing all the possibly available colors or go back & forth across the store to view the duplicate shadow displays to ensure I am not missing anything).
Anyway, after swatching & comparing plenty of colors I choose 4 pearl finish colors and one AMC Shine finish color. Unlike most makeup brand Inglot’s shadows go my a number rather than a name description (which is a little weird/harder to remember for me, but some may like?) I ended up with the colors: Pearl 451, Pearl 419, Pearl 423, Pearl 409, & AMC Shine 31, as shown below from left to right. (I wasn’t really going for one solid look of colors to use all together, but more of accent colors to use with other things) It's really cool that the palette is also magnetic, and not just the shadow to palette, but also the palette cover is magnetic & just snaps into place… therefore additional palettes also snap on top of each other, with or without the individual palette covers between them (also a good marketing concept to entice consumers to buy & stack multiple palettes).  So,  during checkout I remembered by question and asked the Associate about the easiest way to de-pott the shadows. I liked her answer – she said to take one of the corners of the palette cover and gently glide it over the shadow you want to de-pot and the magnetic shadow should stick to the palette cover, picking it up. (hope that makes sense, let me know if you’d like demo).. but pretty easy!
I tried the shadows for about a week & a half. I really liked the shadows I selected, but there is a reason why I selected these… I felt like they were the most pigmented finish of the colors I wanted and yet not too bold for my taste (because they did have much brighter/vibrant colors but I tend to like more earth tones). Although I like shimmers, I stay away from shadows on the more glittery side where they have multi-colored glitter in them like a rainbow iridescent effect. So what I choose was perfect for me, I have mostly used the brown, nude color and green as well as the purple once. I really like their pigmentation and they do last my full day. Of course, I continue to use a shadow primer (Urban decay, Shadow Insurance) under the shadows, which I recommend to anyone to keep their shadow in place all day. I have already a couple people mention my eyeshow looked nice. So overall these are defiantly worth trying for yourself! They are a great product at a great price, with awesome packaging!
I realize I can be a bit long in my reviews, but this is literally everything that goes through my head when making my purchases, I guess I can be a bit over analytical when it comes to beauty/fashion products? (lol)… so for those who just want the straight up, quick review I think I will start also doing a rating chart, as below! :)
Short Overview Rating, 1 thru 5
Color Selection: 4
Quality/Color Pigmentation: 4.5 (for pearl finishes)
Lasting ability: 5
Experience: 5
Functionality: 5
 Pearl 451, Pearl 419, Pearl 423, Pearl 409, & AMC Shine 31

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