Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Vanity Setup on a Budget

Hi!... It's been a long time, but I just finally am getting around to posting on my new vanity set-up I created for myself about a month ago. I am loving it! Hopefully I'll be moving into my own place soon, so I wanted something I could keep and that could easily fit into a small space if needed. My makeup collection is not very large, my many of my youtuber standards, but its just right for me since I tend to stick to the same thing day-today anyway. I also just wanted somewhere I could sit and apply makeup (since I was previously just standing in my bathroom) and somewhere I could see all my makeup with easy access to it all. I got this table, which is actually a computer desk, ( Carson Anywhere Desk at Target ) for $99. Luckily the drawer which was made to hold a keyboard, actually locks up in place so it can also be used as a regular functioning drawer. For lighting I also found these spotlight looking lamps for $11.97 each (  Portfolio Bronze Accent Lamp at Lowes ). I added soft light flood light bulbs per the associates recommendation and they are pretty bright, but work well for me. They can also be mounted to the wall if I preferred. My mirror was only $14 at TJ-maxx and I may replace it with something a bit fancier when I move, but it works perfectly for now. The drawers sitting on top of the desk were $23.95 from Muji ( Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic Case )... They are hard to find in stock though (just keep checking the website if interested to catch them in), but I love them!... They are made of a really nice heavy acrylic rather than plastic. The ones I got only have 1 inch deep draws though, so some of the thick items, like foundations and such won't fit. I keep those other items in the actual desk drawer as shown below. I simply got 2 plastic drawer organizers, also from Target as well for about $6 each (located in the storage/container aisles - sorry no link, not showing on their website). My remaining go-to items on the table top are: a Kleenex tissue box, a glass candle holder with Yankee candle, and my face brushes stored using the bead technique (I'm sure you all know of.)..oh, also - instead of having an additional standup magnified mirror for close up makeup application I opted for a smaller silver compact-like mirror with Swarovski crystals on it I found at Ross, but it works well in the small working space & it still stands open and has a 10x magnification,  and I can take for travel too! ... oh, lastly - I got this cheap plastic placemat that I could pull out anytime & use to do my makeup on top of in case there are any spills it doesn't ruin my wood desktop, and it wipes off easily, but I store it in the drawer when I'm not applying makeup... I'd love the get a piece of glass cut for the top, but I don't know if the cost would be worth it since the desk was only $99! ... this was my alternative to the Ikea Malm dressing table, which I originally wanted in black. Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps!... I am so glad I finally have a place for everything... let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Awesome setup! I had this same idea and googled "carson desk vanity" and came across your blog. The desk is like $75 right now. I think I may create a vanity too using this desk :)

  2. Thanks! I'm glad this was helpful :) ... it's awesome you are scoring an even better deal on the desk - best of luck with your new vanity - Enjoy and Thanks so much for reading!


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